Get to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9: “Year’s End” Online

On 12/12/12 is the day that you should watch out for, it is the airing of season mid-finale of the newest TV Series of the year, Arrow 2012. Arrow Season 1 Episode is about where Oliver discovers that after he and his father went missing, Moira and Thea stopped celebrating Christmas.

Below is the sneak peek video for Arrow Season 1 Episode 9;

Determined to make up for lost time and renovate a sense of normalcy to the Queen household, Oliver decides to toss the family a Christmas party. Meanwhile, Tommy asks Laurel to spend Christmas with him but she points out that Christmas was also her sister’s Sara’s birthday and she needs to be with her father. Tommy suggests changing things up might be the best way for everyone to heal but Laurel isn’t sure her father is ready for that. If you would like to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9 online you may visit this coming Wednesday, 8pm on The CW.

I mean, don’t you just love DC Comics? Isn’t that just amazing that The CW brought to life one of the most incredible and fantastic comic heroes, Green Arrow or Arrow. If you haven’t watched the show yet, well you should start now ‘coz it’s a one hell of show, you may check it out on where you can view all episodes from the start of season.

Anyway, Stephen Amell plays the role of Oliver Queen or Arrow and with him are Paul Blackthorne, Jamey Sheridan, David Ramsey, Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland. It centers the story of Oliver who went missing after a violent shipwreck; he’s a billionaire boy and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. For you to watch Arrow online you may visit this site where you can also watch other great TV Series.


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