Arrow Spoilers! Title for Episode 15 Revealed!

1111Aren’t you excited for Colton Haynes as he begins to appear on Arrow as Roy Harper on February 20? Well, it’s true that it is sad that he had to leave the Teen Wolf, because his character there was getting more interesting and bigger. But anyway, he’s on the Arrow now, we can’t do anything about and by the way (*I think*) he could play any role that offers to him. Oh, just a suggestion if you would to like to watch the previous and upcoming episode of Arrow you may visit

So, the title for the 15th episode of the Arrow is called “Team-Ups”.

The episode will soon air February 20, 2013 which Wednesday and features the first appearances of The Dodger and Roy Harper. Oh, for your information, James Callis will be playing the role of the Dodger.

What do you think of the episode title? Do you think it would be something teaming up with the other DC superheroes or villains? If you want to watch Arrow online with more upcoming episodes and previous episode you may visit


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