Colton Haynes Joins Stephen Amell on Arrow

Colton Haynes Joins Stephen Amell on Arrow.


Colton Haynes Joins Stephen Amell on Arrow

comiccon2012arrowposterAfter two months US Weekly broke the news that the 24 year-old would be leaving MTV’s Teen Wolf after two seasons, He joined The CW hit series Arrow in a chronic role. He’ll be playing the role of Roy Harper, “A handsome, street-savvy teenager” from the “poverty-stricken portion of Starling City”, Haynes will first appear on an episode that will air on Feb. 20, Dodger. You may watch Arrow online here on all for free. Continue reading

Get to watch Arrow Season 1 Episode 9: “Year’s End” Online

On 12/12/12 is the day that you should watch out for, it is the airing of season mid-finale of the newest TV Series of the year, Arrow 2012. Arrow Season 1 Episode is about where Oliver discovers that after he and his father went missing, Moira and Thea stopped celebrating Christmas. Continue reading